Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“TahoeStaff has provided us with strong pre-qualified candidates for temporary positions through the years.  In our most recent use of their services the employee was so great that we hired them into a permanent position.  We would highly recommend TahoeStaff for both temporary employment needs and recruitment for a permanent position.”
– Wyatt Ogilvy
Ogilvy Consulting, Land Use & Development Strategies

“I highly recommend TahoeStaff.  Kimberly’s warm and professional demeanor makes her a pleasure to work with.  She has paid close attention to our needs and has provided us with several great temporary employees that have turned into excellent, regular employees.”
– Liz Carstens
Truckee Sanitary District, Human Resources/Risk Management Specialist

“You need good, quality people in order to FIND good, quality people. That’s Kimmie at Tahoe Staff. Hands-down the best at finding the best.”
-Laura Bronstone
Truckee Gymnastics, Owner

“TahoeStaff has been a wonderful asset to assist our organization to find local talent. The candidates have typically been solid and application/technology oriented as we are a heavy Outlook shop.  Particularly in a transient work force, which is often times what we face in Truckee-Tahoe, Kimmie has provided good options for professionals.  Kimmie is a pleasure to work with and is a part of our long term team for talent acquisition.”
-Desmond Elder
Elder Enterprises, Inc., CEO

“Working with Kimmie was ease-filled. She supported me to gain a position that fit our family extremely well at the time. She also acted as a great support person whenever I needed her. She is great to work with!”
-Meaghan Thompson